Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas haul

So, here's what I got, with mini reviews!

PS2 Slim- Wow, this thing is tiny. I had the original version of the PS2 years ago (It died), and it was huge compared to this. The slim one is about the size of a trade paperback copy of Watchmen. Smaller, actually. Anyways, it's a nice little system, and, unlike when I switched to an Xbox, the controller didn't take some time to get used to. I also got a memory card for it, which is one thing the original Xbox has over the PS2 AND 360- built in hard drive.

Kingdom Hearts 2- This is why I wanted another PS2. I played the KH games years ago, and was starting to miss them. It's a very Japanese game, in that (Aside from being an RPG and all) there's quite a lot of story and videos and mysteries and what not. The gameplay is excellent. It has a lot of Disney's whimsical feel, which meshes surprisingly well with the Final Fantasy elements. Also, you can fight alongside Jack Skellington on one world. How awesome is that?

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories- The card based fighting system isn't really as good, but the game is still enjoyable. You can still kind of tell that it's an upgraded DS game, though.

Tetris Worlds- It's Tetris. Tetris is, and always has been, perfect.

GameStop Edge card with subscription to Game Informer- Free magazine, and a card to get extra money on trade-ins, and money off used games. This will be particularly useful, as you may have noticed I did not get the first Kingdom Hearts (Apparently the main GameStop here (There's almost as many GameStops as Starbucks, including two right across the street from each other and another two next door to each other) didn't have it).

Clothes- You don't care, but I got some nice pants, shirts and a sweatshirt.

So, what did you get?

Happy X-mas

War is over

(If you want it)