Thursday, July 30, 2009

RotF Ejector

He's a goddamned toaster. If that's not enough to make you want Ejector, continue reading.

So, Ejector. As a Scout he's packaged in robot mode, so I'll start there.He has a very different overall look. The most obvious example of this is his VERY cartoony face. He'll stand out well in your collection, which is always a plus. His paint is simple, but it's not like you see many multicolored toasters, you know? Anyways, What paint there is is well done, but he is mostly molded in color. One neat little feature is his tail. It's a string with a little plastic piece on the end that looks like an electrical plug.

His articulation is pretty much standard for a Scout. Balljointed shoulders, elbows, and hips, hinged elbows (4 of them. He has 4 lower arms and 4 hands), fingers (On the inner, main lower arms), and knees, and swivel thighs. Because of the design of his head, he doesn't have any neck articulation, but because of the transformation, you can open his mouth wider. And, of course, his tail is a string, so it's also posable.

So, there you have it. The toaster. It's a nice little toaster, with 4 slots, a painted dial, and a little painted switch. The silver is all paint, so he looks good. The back is rather open though. Reall not much to say about his alt-mode, except that it is awesome.

Really, I got Ejector just for the weird style and silly alt-mode. Luckily, he's a well made and fun toy. Definitely recommended.


Animated Grimlock

Me Grimlock write toy review for me Grimlock's toy! Me Grimlock rule as Dinobot! Me Grimlock have snapping jaws. Soundwave says, "It's not a kung-fu grip, but it'll do." Me Grimlock not know what kung-fu grip is.

Me Grimlock also easily transform to fight stoopid car and truck robots! But not motorcycle robot. Me Grimlock like motorcycle robot. But me Grimlock like spider lady even more.

Me Grimlock wish me Grimlock knew where spider lady and motorcycle robot are.

Me Grimlock also have big flaming sword. Me Grimlock liiiiiiike.....

Me Grimlock done reviewing me Grimlock's toy. Me Grimlock's toy ruuuuuuuuuuuuuules! Me Grimlock say you should buy me Grimlock's toy! Uh what go on over there?

Sorry about that. Anyway, Grimlock is right. The Transformers Animated Voyagers Grimlock is big, has snapping jaws, transforms easily, and has a big flaming sword. See you guys later.

Also, be sure to put Akra Nui on your watchlist as well!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Halo 3 Master Chief

There a couple of things I feel I should admit before i start this review. First off, I rather dislike McFarlane Toys (Hereafter referred to as McToys) until about a year ago. You likely know by now that I love great articulation in my figures, and most McToys figures had next to know (McStatues). Three things changed my mind though. First, was buying the great and awesomely articulated Image 10th Anniversary Spawn figure. Next, was conversing with Steve "The Victim" (Who works at McToys) on the Rooster Teeth website. Finally, was the Halo 3 line, the main character of which is the subject of this review.

That brings me to my second admission. I've more or less fallen out of the Halo loop recently.I don't have a 360, so I haven't played Halo 3 or Halo Wars. And I've skipped pretty much everything else since then. However, getting a bunch of these McToys Halo 3 figures has gotten me into it again, so I've been playing the first two games, and I read the first Marvel comic series.

ANYWAYS, the review.

The Master Chief. He has become a video game icon, with his distinctive armor and the mystery surrounding him. Sure, a guy in a mechanical suit of armor might not be the most innovative idea (Iron Man, anyone?), but few games are as fun as the Halo series. Anyways, as this figures is from McToys, the sculpting is superb.Every detailo on the Chief's MJOLNIR armor is covered, from the panel lines to the wrinkles and seams on the black undersuit. McToys has had some issues with paint, but it's well done here. The panels are all outlined in black, which is something Gundam fans have been doing to their toys with markers for years. I also particularly like the brown paint brushed on his feet and shins. I actually looks like mud and dirt. The lighter colored dings on his right chest could be better though.

Now, the articulation. Brace yourself, this might take a while. He has a double balljointed head, balljointed wrists and torso, swivel/pin shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, and toes (yes, toes), swivel biceps, forearms (just by the elbow joint), thighs, and ankles (they also swivel at the top of the joint). As for the hips, well they're a system of swivel and pin joints that replicate the movement of swivel/pin joints. So, not only is the Chief well articulated, but he has extra joints he doesn't even need! This is definitely a turn-around for McToys.

One of the other draws of the Halo games is the large variety of weapons. And the toys don't disappoint. As this is the series three Chief (He's been released with different guns multiple times) he comes with a sniper rifle and a brute spike grenade (Which I forgot to take a picture of...). You might notice the sniper rifle is being held by a Spartan in one of the multiplayer Spartans in EOD armor, while the Chief is dual wielding SMGs. You see, any figure can use any weapon. Anyways, the weapons all have these little removable pegs on the. Each figure has corresponding hles on their back, right thigh, and two on the back of their wast, allowing the figure to carry extra weapons, just like in the game! Pretty awesome, like working holsters on a figure.

And, if you want more weapons, McToys has recently released a weapons pack with 2 Brute Spikers, 2 shotguns, 2 plasma pistols, 2 plasma rifles, 2 SMGs, a fuel rod cannon, a Spartan laser, 2 plasma grenades, and 2 frag grenades. Yeah. A lot of stuff.

So. This is a great figure. Even if you're not into Halo the Chief is a well made, fun figure. Most of the figures in the line are like this. They're pretty much everywhere, so you should be able to find them.

That's the Chief and Sgt. Johnson fighting a Jump Pack Brute.

~ Raw/Monty

Thursday, July 23, 2009

GI Joe Rise of Cobra- 5 most notable figures that I have thus far

So, I've decided to review five of these new ROC figures in a bunch. I feel each one is worth mentioning for one reason or another, whether it's because of the character, the figures itself, or a combination thereof.

FIRST! Everyone's favorite ninja, and hands down the most popular Joe, Snake-Eyes:
And Snake-Eyes shows that it's bloody hard to photograph a completely black figure. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but he has a fully sculpted, detailed chest. As if he were wearing spandex. He also has baggy combat pants. This combination has caused some people to think that his legs are too small, but he's likely wearing armor that looks like his chest. His headsculpt has been causing quite a few fanboy complaints. Because he has lips on his mask. BOO. HOO. Does that REALLY matter? Under his visor (which is a translucent separate, non-removable piece for some reason) he has a fully sculpted face. Which is weird. He's, of course, pretty much completely black, but what paint there is is crisp and well done, particularly the Arashikage (Uh-rash-ee-kog-ay) symbol on his shoulder. He comes with an Uzi, sword (His webgear has a clip to hold his sword!), and a backpack, that I've left off my figure. It just got in the way. Not as much as some of the others, but he definitely the essential Snake-Eyes stuff. He also has a holster on his webgear, but the pistol in it is a sculpted part of the holster. WTF, Hasbro?

You can't have Snake-Eyes without his arch nemesis and Sword Brother, Storm Shadow (Which is a direct English translation of Arashikage), the Cobra ninja:
Storm Shadow is also causing a lot of whining, mainly because of his long coat and shoes that appear to be canvas hi-tops (Think Converse Chuck Taylors). Really? REALLY? Oh well, fanboys live to complain. Personally, I dig the coat, and I'm not bothered by his shoes. His coat his a nice, fine texture, and while the tails are a bit restricting, they're a separate, soft piece so they'll move out of the way of his legs. Again, the paint is well done on both the figure and his swords. Along with his katana (long sword) and wakizashi (short sword), both of which have the Arashikage ninja clan symbol, Storm Shadow comes with a small pistol that fits in a holster on his coat tail, and a clip on Wolverine claw thing that a few classic Storm Shadow's have carried in the past.

And now for something completely similar, Snake-Eyes... again. But this time he has Timber! And is in Paris, apparently:
This is the "Paris Pursuit" or "Trenchcoat" Snake-Eyes. I was rather excited about this figure, as it's a cool, new look. This time 's hearing loose clothes all over, plus the obvious coat, and a more traditional face mask (No face, better visor). He's mostly gray on this figure, with various details painted on. He actually doesn't share any parts with the normal Snake-Eyes, though you can switch their heads if you want. But I'd recommend not doing that, as this is an awesome figure. He's got an assault rifle of some sort, pistol, knife (Take from the first G3 SE) a sword, WITH scabbard, and his pet wolf, Timber! Yes, I am aware that the picture of Timber sucks. Timber uses the second G3 sculpt, first released in the recent GI Joe 5-pack (Which I have). If you only want to get one ROC Snake-eyes, this is it. He's different, but awesome in every way.

Next is a figure that made me angry (And I can usually take change, so that's saying a lot), Cobra Commander:
Hurm. The early pictures of this guy were pretty bad. His sleeves didn't match his coat, his face was horrible, he had tubes coming out of his chest, etc. But, now that I have the figure in hand, I like him more than I thought I would. First off, his sleeves and coat are the same color. His coat is rather nicely textured, and I love that the inside lining is Cobra Blue. the bottom half of his mask is painted silver to look like metal, and he looks disfigured underneath it. They also got rid of the stupid tubes (Though there's still ports on his head and chest for them). The paint is good, though the wash on his coat is spotty and odd. He comes with a cobra, some sort of injector thing, something I think is either a walkie-talkie or remote (The injector and walkie talkie thing can plug into ports on his thighs), and a gun that looks just like the original Cobra Commander's! While the figure surprised me, I still don't really like what he looks like. I won't mind it as much now, but I still wish they had gone with the old hood, whether it looks too KKK-ish or not. He's an evil terrorist leader dammit! Do you REALLY think the NAACP or Jesse Jackson will complain because the despicable EVIL TERRORIST looks almost kind of sort of like a Klansmen?!

Finally, my all time favorite Joe, Shipwreck!:
Unfortunately, ol' Hector Delgado and Polly, probably won't be in the movie. We at least get a toy of him though. And it's a damned awesome toy! He's wearing the "Reactive Armor" a lot of the Joes seem to have, and combat pants. On him, the armor looks like a wet-suit and the blue camo on his pants works for a sailor.His face is perfect Shipwreck, with the beard and hat (Though it's not a sailor hat this time), and it has a lot of character. He comes with a wealth of great accessories, foremost amongst which is his parrot, Polly. In the 80's Polly was always poking fun at Shipwreck, creating some great moments in the cartoon. For weapons he has a gun that looks like similar to the FN 2000, but with a harpoon on top, a pistol, and a large knife. Finally, he has some very nice scuba gear consisting of a backpack with air tanks (Polly can stand on the pack), a mask with tubes that slips over his head, and a pair of flippers that can store on his backpack. Very nice stuff, complementing a great figure.

All these figures has the standard modern Joe articulation. Balljointed head (Though it's rather tight, almost acting like a swivel joint on a lot of movie figures), pin-swivel shoulders, elbows, and ankles, swivel wrists, balljoint torso, true balljoint hips, and double knees, so they're superbly posable. They all also have figure stands, though these are very different from the G3 stands. Finally, on each cardback is a file card, though they now look like some sort of ID card/security pass.

Overall, the figures are well done, and good toys. Hopefull the movie will live up to them.



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts on the upcoming GI Joe movie, and the burden of being a nerd.

As you guys almost certainly know, the live action GI Joe movie, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, is coming out next month (August 7th, to be exact). Obviously, as this movie is, just like the Transformers films, based off an 80's toy property, there are new action figures (Which you can now find in stores)! As a toy collector and GI Joe fan, I have already bought a number of these figures (Yo Go Re of OAFE has suggested waiting until they go on sale, but every time I do that, I can't find what I want). Now, my hope for the film has dropped considerably in the past few months, but we haven't gotten any new Joes in months, and these new ones are rather good, and I'm not about to pass on good toys.

So, what exactly do I think so far of the movie? Well, I already have some problems. Now, I should mention I don't care that Snake Eyes has lips, Ripcord is black, Storm Shadow is wearing a coat, or any of that stuff. It either doesn't matter, or, in Storm Shadow's case, is something I like.

But then there are things like the Accelerator Suits. While I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of power armor in the old cartoon, it would show up once to help sell the toy, then maybe appear every once in a while as long as the toy is on shelves. But in the movie they appear to be much too prevalent. Of course, this is just going off the trailers, so it's entirely possible that they appear in one scene which has gotten more attention in the trailers than the other scenes. Hopefully, this is the case, but, and again, I'm going off the trailers for this, it doesn't appear to be.

Next are the Cobra vipers. Seriously? In stead of the old Cobra Troopers, we get these ugly guys? The old Blueshirts were great. They looked like actual members of a paramilitary force, had the great helmet/half mask combo concealing their identities, and looked very distinctive amongst the various villainous henchmen of pop culture. The new Vipers have none of that, instead looking more like generic sci-fi bad guys. And while the old Real American Hero version of Cobra had Vipers, the only thing they have in common with the movie guys is the name and full face masks. Oh, and maybe the elbow pads.

Cobra Commander. Goddammit. GOD. DAMMIT. LOOK AT THAT THEY DID TO HIS FACE! WHY?! The only reason I can possibly think of for doing that is to make him look creepy. What a featureless metal mask isn't creepy? Or, you know what's would be really creepy? Cobra Commmander's fucking executioner style cloth mask. Also, from what I've read on Joepedia, ROC Cobra Commander's origin is as follows: He fought alongside Duke and Ripcord, but was injured in an ambush. Duke and Ripcord were rescued by the Joe team (After this they joined the team) while Cobra Commander, real name Rex Lewis, was left behind. He then went nuts, becoming first "The Doctor" then Cobra Commander. Oh, and the Baroness is really his sister, Ana Lewis. And she was engaged to Duke. This means three things. 1. They're not using Larry Hama's great origins for Cobra and Cobra Commander from the comics. Any Joe fan will tell you that you should always use stuff from Larry Hama. 2. We know Cobra Commander's real name. And 3. We see his face. It could be worse I guess. He could be a snake man.

There are various other elements I fear will be left out. Will the connection between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, which has been hinted at on their toy file cards, be a plot point? Will Snake-Eyes and Scarlett be an item, or will the movie be like Resolute and have Duke and Scarlett together (The only thing I disliked about Resolute). And so on. Speaking of Resolute, I think many people hoped the movie would be serious like Resolute but instead, it looks like we're getting a heaping helping of 80's goofiness.

However, despite all this, I'm still going to see the movie. I'll be at the midnight showing even. I'm not like those RotF haters who won't even see the fucking movie before hating on it. Besides, there are some things I'm still hopeful for. Ray Park as Snake-Eyes, for example. As long as he can emotes effectively as a silent character, there's really no way that can turn out bad. And who knows. Maybe the film will surprise me. Basically, I'm going to see it, and keep an open mind.

Finally, there's what I said in the title about the burden of being a nerd. You see, to the average movie goer none of what I've said here matters. They don't know enough about GI Joe to care. Even if they watched it as a kid, it's doubtful they remember enough. But as nerds (Or, if you prefer, geeks) we know all about this stuff, and we've kept up with it much longer than most people. Much longer than is healthy, some might say. So to us, it does matter, and it could make the film less enjoyable.

Anyways, I'll review some of my new figures soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Taste the Revenge!

So, I've already talked about the RotF M&Ms packages, but there's more RotF candy! And this stuff has more than just new packaging!

First off, the Transformers/Bumblebee Snickers bar.

It says something about some sort of yellow nougat. On the other side of the package it has a fact about RotF, and one about Snickers.

So, what's the difference between this, and a normal Snickers bar? Well bit into it and see...

It says yellow nougat, and that's all you get. Nothing tastesdifferent. It's just a slightly different color.


Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms.

The packaging stands out from the normal M&Ms, with it's silver color. The M&Ms versions of the Twins are alright. Really, it's just M&Ms packaging. Not much to talk about.
The M&Ms themselves taste pretty good, in my opinion. Too sweet though. I know some people have disliked them though. I'd say give them a try anyways.

The only food tie-in left is the Burger King BBQ Double Stackticon, and I'll probably skip that one. I'm not big on burgers, especially fast food ones. But, If I do try it, rest assured, I'll talk about it and take pictures and stuff.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

BIONICLE Tarix Review

I actually meant to do this review a while back, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.....

Anyway, here's the review (and Tarix):

Tarix is a Glatorian from the Water Tribe on Bara Magna. In the arena, he's quite the warrior. The only thing that can beat him is a Skrall warrior, because they are made of pure awesomeness.

That's right, Tarix is a dude. Don't make the same mistake that the Pahrak made.

Anyway, his armor is pretty cool looking. Has something of a ceremonial feel when it comes to the shoulder pieces.

His mask, or helmet (hell, I have no idea what these things are now, seeing how they don't have any cool abilities any more) has what appears to be a tube connected to the helmet/mask and his back.

He also has two hydro swords that look cool. But not as cool as the Skrall sword, of course. But still somewhat cool.

And then there's the Thornax launcher. Like the Skrall Thornax launcher, Tarix's launcher is attached to one of his weapons. However, Tarix's launcher is more mobile than the Skrall launcher. And occasionally, accidents do happen...

And finally the Life Counter. This time, it's on his back, unlike the Skrall, who has it on his foot.

HIS PRIMUS-DAMN FOOT. This means it's not in the way.

Wow. Holy crap, what the hell happened there? How in the hell did I mess that photo up?

Anyway, Tarix is an OK set to buy. But to tell the truth, he wasn't my first choice. At first, I wanted to get a Vorox to accompany my Skrall, but it seems as if someone FUCKING OPENED THE SET AND STOLE MOST OF THE PIECES AND THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD THE FUCKER. So then I exchanged him for Malum. This time I checked and it wasn't opened. But pieces were still missing somehow. So I exchanged Malum for Tarix, because it was either him, or Gresh. And Gresh is an asshole.

Oh well, see guys later.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out my new comic, Akra Nui. You can find the link below.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

If you're one of my non-American friends, happy Saturday!