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Another new blog, already?!

Well, this one's less of a blog, and more of a WEBCOMIC!


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I has a new blog!

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Why did I create a new blog?

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Mata Nui: The Legend Reborn!

The legend himself has been reborn.......MATA NUI IS HERE!!!

Mata Nui, in case you don't know much about BIONICLE, is essentially the god of his universe [Actually, he IS the universe. -editor]. But when Makuta Terridax banished him from his own universe [his body. -ed.] and gained control, Mata Nui was exiled to the barren desert world where the Glatorian live [Geez, you'd think Darth could name the world. It's Bara Magna. -ed.].

As you can see, Mata Nui has the Mask of Life [Kanohi Ignijka. -ed.], which was a big fucking deal for the past three seasons now. However, it has been designed to fit on the Glatorian heads.

He also happens to have the Life Counter for the Glatorian game.

In the BIONICLE canon, Mata Nui's shield came from his friend Clixx, a Scarabax beetle that touched his mask. You can also split the shield into two swords, which is kinda cool.

He also has a Thornax launcher. Unlike the previous Glatorian sets I've reviewed, Mata Nui holds it in his hand, which makes aiming it a bit easier.
That's pretty much it. He's a good buy, but there's also a larger version of him. Which I hope to get one day. [But it's a $50 TRU exlcusive... -ed.]

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selling stuff.

Well, DragonCon is coming up, and I need money to go.

Being jobless, I'm trying to sell stuff.

First off is my art. Pretty much everything in my deivantArt gallery (given that I can find it) is for sale.

I'm also open for artwork commissions.

Secondly, I'm making the ultimate sacrifice and selling some of my toys. I'll have to go through my stuff after I move to decide what I'm willing to sell, but until then feel free to name stuff you want that I might have. Transformers, action figures etc.

Help me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What happens when Bumblebee runs out of ammo:

Human Alliance Bumblebee is freaking awesome
Read the review of him at OAFE to see why.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Marvel Legends "Nemesis" Punisher

Hey, you can actually finally find these figures! Over a year after they were first shown at SDCC 2008.

As you can see, there's two variant figures of this here Punisher. There's the basic, black skull t-shirt and black pants modern version, and the green jungle camo version. The camo one is more or less based off a level in the 2005 Punisher game (A very underrated game)
in which the Punisher attacks an island of Russian mercs. I'm not entirely sure which figure is the main one, and which is the variant. Originally it was thought that the green one was th evariant, but when the figures FINALLY showed up, there seemed to be more green, whereas here, there were just as many black as green. In any event, assuming you can find them, you should be able to get whichever you want, or, if you're like me, both.

Both variants use the body from the two pack Ultimate Nick Fury, with new arms and a new head. That Nick Fury figure was too tall, which makes it seem as though the body was meant for the Punisher, who is a big guy. He's got a ribbed t-shirt and baggy combat pants tucked into the tops of his big boots. The wrinkles on the shirt and pants are sculpted nicely, though his knee joints do break up the sculpt a bit. However, I'd rather have great articulation than perfect sculpting. The paint is handled well with few problems. The skull on the black version doesn't line up over his chest joint perfectly. As you can see, they have different skulls. I'm not sure where the black one's skull is from, but the green one is the basic comic skull, with a few small bits from the 2004 movie skull. On both the shirt is a slightly different color from the pants, making them look like different material. The camo on the green Punisher's pants looks like camo pattern, not just random colors thrown on a green background. His head is molded in skin colored plastic, but painted green with the the skull, which is a bit surprising. You'd think it would be molded green. The dark patches around his eyes make him look suitably menacing.

Articulation, though not the best from Marvel Legends, is plentiful. He's got a balljointed head, torso, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles, swivel wrists and thighs, and double hinge knees. The wrists are disappointing, and double hinged elbows would be useful, but, overall, I'm pleased.

Each Punisher comes with a pistol, that fits in a holster on his right thigh (The pistol is also re-used from Ultimate Nick Fury), and an M-60 machine gun. More guns would be nice, of course, but the ones he comes with are well done (Though, the M-60 is a belt fed gun, and he doesn't have an ammo belt). Both hands have the trigger fingers extended, so he can dual wield, with either one of each, both M-60s, or both pistols. Some people have reported having trouble getting him to hold the M-60 with both hands, but he can hold it using either the handle on top, or like a normal rifle.
Overall, this is a good figure, but we already got a classic Punisher back in the ToyBiz ML series 4, and a movie version (Which is just like the modern comic version) in series 6. This is really a figure that I'd recomend for either big Punisher fans (Like myself), or if you want to complete the Nemesis/Holocaust BAF.

Finally, also in this series is a great Daredevil figure, which inspired me to take a picture mimicking this old Frank Miller era Daredevil cover. I then got some help from Matt Booker, who did an absolutely FANTASTIC bit of Photoshopping to create this:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey guys, I need some help with a picture for my next review. It requires Photoshop (Or a similar program), which is why I need help.

If you can lend me a hand, just let me know in the comments.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Transformers Aniamted Jet Twins

I usually spell it "Jettwins" so I'm gonna go with that while writing the review.

Jetfire on the left and Jetstorm on the right, they look pretty badass right?
I'm going to say upfront there's a few small details in which the twins are a bit lacking, but it's to be expected considering the fact that they're combiners. My biggest gripe really is how lame their hands are. My other problem is how easily their hip armor pops off...and how hard it is to get it back on...
If you can get past those two things then it's all up-hill to Awesome Land from there.

Minus the flames on his head/arms Jetfire is pretty show accurate. I assume the flames are a nice little detail added in from the comic. They look better in vehicle mode if you ask me. It's not all that easy to see, but Jetfire has this cute, cheeky little smirk on his face.
Legit they do nothing, molded right onto his head.

On another side note my living room carpet is hideous...

Back on topic I might as well mention the flames on his legs, which you pull out when you put him into jet mode...It ups his badassery a few points...

The handsome blue mech to the right is Jetstorm. Other than his head he's basically the same as his twin, other than his little "wind" extensions on his arms and legs...Persoanlly I think his powers should have been ice. Cause fire and ice just sounds better together...
While I love Jetfire's goggles I am SUCH a sucker for visors >.>
Jetstorm, like his brother is smirking, just not as prominently.

Next up is their alt modes; Autobot jets!

This is what happens when a bunch of NERDS get a hold of poor ol' Starscream. Thanks to Percy, 'Jack, and Red these two now transform into jets...We'll just ignore all the size changing, okay? They obviously get it from Perceptor...

As I mentioned earlierabout their leg-thingys flip out become fire and...wind...Obviously Jetfire looks way more badass with this gimmick.

Just a close-up on their alt, chose Jetstorm for this because the camera seems to take to his coloring a bit better. For the record my hands are TINY.

You can now see the nice little detail of the Elite Guard symbol on his hip plates. Naturally Jetfire has this as well.

Another thing I'd like to point out if their "grappling" gimmick. I'm not one for it, but at least they used it in the show, so it's forgivable.

The next topic to cover is the most important of them all; SAFEGUARD MODE.
Yes, they combind! Vertically!
As a warning a lot of people find it hard to get the twins into Safeguard mode for the first time...For the record it was actually one of my partners in crime, Nexas, that put the twins into Safeguard mode for me today.

As far as combinders go I think this too look pretty amazing, very comic/show accurate.

All their arms get folded up onto their back, so the get leg arms and feet hands =D
When the punch you, they're actually kicking you...How awesome is that? I'd LET them punch(kick) me just because of that!
One last thing I want to point out is that their cockpits open...for no reason...It's a nice little detail I suppose...even if it is pointless...

...Also that is so not my lacy bra in the corner...not at all...

Well, that's enough from me for tonight.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Marvel Legends Nemesis Wave

So, this Wal-Mart exclusive wave of Marvel Legends figures has proved to be VERY exclusive. Then, they finally started showing up, but like most Wal-Mart exclusives, they'll still be stupid hard to find.

Buuuut, last night, after seeing the minight showing of GI Joe: Revenge of Cobra (FREAKING AWESOME.), I had some money, so I went on a late night run to Wal-Mart.

Guess what I found. :)

I got Nova, Punisher (Green variant. I'll explain why I chose him later), and Daredevil (Red variant).

Then, today, I was at Wal-Mart again, and saw a friend, who was getting Black Bolt, Nova, and Beast, but didn't want the BAF pieces, so he gave them to me, and I got Tigra.

Now then, I made this post for two reasons. First off, to let you guys know that these ARE showing up everywhere, so you should go look for them. Secondly to ask, which of the figures you guys want me to review. I was already thinking of doing one for Nova, but I'm open to requests.

Also, I got the green camo version of the Punisher because he's based off one of my favorite levels of the 05 Punisher game (You team up with Nick Fury in that level, and I just got the ML two pack with Nick Fury).

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus

Got my hands on this handsome fellow back in May at Anime Boston. He was in great condition, and a great price. so there was no way I could pass up getting him. Anyways in the pictures you will notice once of his smaller smoke stacks is missing. That's the sad result of my kitten taking a liking to poor ol' Magnus, and Magnus having the unfortunate luck of meeting the floor one day when Madeline (my black little terror), got too curious. Needless to say I am looking for a way to make him a replacement, cause the little black terror ATE the piece that broke off.

Sob story aside I'll get on with the review.

Out of the 3 G1 toys I own (the other two being Optimus Prime and Megatron) Ultra Magnus is by far the best constructed, and the best appearance wise. The plastic making up his "power suit" I believe it's called, is of excellent quality, and I don't expect that to be breaking anytime soon...Unlike his fragile smokestacks on his main body, but we'll get to that in a minute.
As to be expected of any G1 toy he's very easy to transform, both his main body, and power suit (I'm just calling it that from now on).

Minus his armor he is a white repaint of G1 Optimus (who for the record can be put into Ultra Magnus's armor...and actually looks better in it...)

Personally the red optics have always bothered me, makes him look like a Decepticon (obviously). Which makes no sense because this is Ultra Magnus, and not Nemesis...but I guess no one thought about that back then...Oh well...

So yes, you can now clearly see his missing smokestack (again thank you Madeline, you little monster).

In general he was hard to get good shots of because of the type of plastic/metal used on him.

Both bot symbols on him are stickers, as was the custom back in the 80's. Thankfully my Magnus has all his stickers properly applied...unlike my poor Optimus...

His alt mode without his armor is, like G1 Optimus Prime, a semi-cab. The nub on his trailer bed looks like it would plug into something, but it actually doesn't, it's just there to catch on the lip of his trailer. This confused the hell out of me for an hour before I finally sat on the floor and tried to figure out how to make him and his trailer roll together. Once I figured it out I smacked myself because of how simplistic it was...

With his armor he's a...I actually have no clue what exactly they were getting at with this toy...Car carrier? Mobile battle station? A bit of both? Personally I would write him off as both, seeing as in G1 we have seen him transporting his fellow Autobots into battle. As for the mobile battle station...well I mean just LOOK at those missile launchers!

As far as articulation and such goes Magnus (with his armor) is a brick, and the only mobility is in his arms, and that's pretty limited.

Overall Ultra Magnus was a great find for me (being a big fan of the guy). He looks great on my shelf, really holds a nice presence there. If you like G1 toys I'd recommend picking him up, cause other than being a BRICK he's one of the best G1 toys I've had the chance to handle.

Well, there goes my first review here, hope it was decent.


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