Sunday, March 29, 2009

Transformers Animated Wreck-Gar! Review!

YES. WRECK-GAR. Now, it's no secret. I freaking love Wreck-Gar. I use a picture of him as an avatar on every site I can. He is my favorite Transformer EVER. And then he was totally on Animated! And the episode he was in, Garbage In, Garbage Out, is the best one of the series! And he may not have been voiced by Eric Idle, but they got the next best guy, Weird Al! And, now his toy is out! And I've got it! Now I just need the Wreck-Gar MyClone, and I'll have every Wreck-Gar toy (I already have G1 Wreck-Gar).

Wreck-Gar's alt mode is -appropriately for a bot who was originally a pile of garbage brought to life by an AllSpark fragment- a garbage truck. The truck is pretty simple, without many sculpted or painted details, but that's what it was like on the show. He has a silver Autobrand (Autobot symbol) on the driver's side door. This was a good choice because kids will be able to tell he's good, but the symbol won't show up in robot mode. The forks on the cab can swivel down, and if you push a little button on them the lower parts go forward and up.

Converting him basically consists of pulling the robot bits out from under the truck and unfolding them. Yep, he's a shellformer. But, all the vehicle mode parts fold up to make his backpack, so they're out of the way. He's not like the old Beast Wars shellformers.

And you don't care because Wreck-Gar is awesome.

Wreck-Gar robot mode is also awesome. As far as sculpting, he's very show accurate. Wreck-Gar is the most cartoony looking transformer from Animated, which is perfect for him. Both G1 and Animated Wreck-Gar are very cartoon characters. Animated Wreck-Gar is rather different from G1 Wreck-Gar. But, he still has the big shoulder pads, big boxy head, and facial hair. The best thing about his sculpting though, is that his head is basically a caricature of Weird Al! I love that! And he's got a nice little smile, which fits.

The paint is very good. It is, of course, show accurate. Mostly. He's missing a few bits of black. Mainly on his fingers/thumb, under his bill thing on his head, a few places on his chest, and a few places on his head. But what's that? You say mine has those painted? Yeah, I went ahead and painted that stuff. So when you get him, they won't be painted. Just take a small brush, some acrylic paint, and be very patient. It's worth it. Also, his feet aren't red, but I'm afraid that if I painted them I'd just make them look bad. His colors are mostly the same as G1 Wreck-Gar, especially the face and chest.

Wreck-Gar is very well articulated. He's got a swivel neck, biceps, and thighs, Transformer swivel pin sort of balljoint shoulders, true balljoint hips, and hinged elbows, knees, and fingers. His knees have an truly amazing range of motion, and articulated fingers are always a plus!

With all those joints. he's not back heavy at all, like you might think he would be. In fact, he's better balanced than most other modern Transformers. So you can get him into all kinds of poses, as long as you don't make his backpack go radically off to one side or something. He can even balance on one foot if you do it right.

Wreck-Gar gets two bladed weapons for accessories. They can plug into the wheel near his elbow on each arm, or be plugged together to make one big weapon. They also store in his backpack!
You just push the tab up or down to slide them in and out of his pack. They have some nice detailing, and once you realize that they look like scissors they're pretty awesome. Though, something more would be nice. Id' love a little vacuum like the one he used to clean up the nanobots and save Detroit at the end of Garbage In, Garbage Out. Oh well. I might make one.

I am enamored with Wreck-Gar. I love his overall look. I love the expression on his face. I love how his head looks like an old portable T.V.. I love so many little things about him. He is tied with my G1 Wreck-Gar for my favorite toys OF ALL TIME. You should definitely grab him, if you can find him, that is. Even if you can't, order one online.

By the way, Wreck-Gar Twitters now.

~I am Raw/Monty! I Dare to Be Stupid!

He can even hold his instructions!

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