Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bionicle: Glatorian Skrall review

Hey everybody! Darth Shadow is back, and he's doing his first actual toy review.

Why I was speaking in the 3rd person back there, I have no idea. But enough of my insanity.

Behold, the mighty Skrall!

The Skrall is my first experience with the new Glatorian sets from the new BIONICLE storyline.

The Skrall are actually their own species, and originally did not live in their current home of Roxtus. They only moved there when their original home was attacked by the Baterra, who are mysterious, shape shifters that strike from the shadows. For some reason, that sounds really familiar.

The Skrall has some new features with the rest of the Glatorian. First off, actual hands! Now the Glatorian actually look like they are holding something and not giving you the bird. You can also do this:

They also now have real face, too. And I don't mean those heads that came with the Toa with just a hole for a mouth. They actually have real faces this time. But those faces look really familiar. Now where have I seen them before....?

(Sorry about the quality of this picture. It was the best I was going to get of the Glatorian face. )

And then there's the Life Counter for the Glatorian Battle game. I haven't played it, but it seems rather pathetic to me. Why not come out with another trading card game? The Skrall's Life Counter happens to be on his foot, which makes things awkward.

Now onto the Skrall's weapons. First off, there's his sword. Nothing to really talk about there.

Then there's his shield. The shield actually does spin like a buzz saw, which I imagine would be devastating in battle.

Then there is the new projectile weapon, the Spiked Thornax launcher. These guys actually get pretty far when you launch them. However, in the Skrall's case, the launcher is attached to his sword, which makes aiming rather awkward.

So there you have it. The new bad-ass villian from Bionicle. I recommend that you buy a Skrall set. NOW.

Darth_Shadow, out.

Disclaimer: I wish to say that the Baterra are not the Makuta. If you want to think that, go ahead and do so. I only did that reference as a joke, and I have no knowledge that the Makuta will even be involved in the Glatorian story line. Srsly.

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