Friday, September 18, 2009

Bionicle: The Legend Reborn

Alright, in case you haven't guessed already, I'm a pretty big Bionicle fan. So, I was pleased when they announced the new Bionicle movie, based on the Bara Magna storyline. It does come with a bonus comic (thanks alot for ruining the suprise, Monty), but since ODST is com- I mean, because of financial limitations, I could only rent it.

Here's the plot from Wikipedia, so I don't spoil it.

Cast out of his own universe, his stature gone, Mata Nui fights to unite a devastated land and find the secret to reclaiming his own lost empire.

In this ever expanding universe of heroes and villains, Mata Nui, once a great and powerful ruler, awakens to find himself in a remote, decaying wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals. A desert junkyard. Local villages scavenge for what remains, building shelters, survival gear and ultimately arenas where they can settle their disputes. Pitting the best gladiator in each village against one another, tribes can quickly end quarrels based on the outcome of the fight. Mata Nui, in search of how to get home, quickly finds himself in the middle of one of those battles.

However, the outcome is as much of a surprise to him as it is to the villagers when he leaves the arena triumphant. As a result of his brave actions Mata Nui strikes a friendship with the famous Glatorian Ackar and is asked by Metus to become a Glatorian. Mata Nui coldly refuses, and meets Kiina, a Glatorian who believes Mata Nui is her ticket out of Bara Magna. The three attempt to go the Tajun but are ambushed by Bone Hunters and a Skopio creature. After barely escaping alive, the three begin assuming that there is a traitor among them.

Now, with the Skrall and Bone Hunter alliences building, and invasions taking place all over the planet, it is up to Kiina, Mata Nui, Ackar, and new allies such as Berix and Gresh to stop the terror and expose the traitor.

The characters are really great in the movie. Metus was one of the better characters. He reminds me of Obediah Stane from the Iron Man movie, while he reminds Monty of TFA Swindle. Ackar is also another great character, one of Monty's favorites in fact. Mata Nui happened to be my favorite, considering he's both new to the world, but still wise in the way things work. Sadly though, that's not the case for all characters. The Skrall, my favorite characters from the Bionicle universe, were, as Monty put it, "victims of limited screen time". And they weren't the badass motherfuckers from the comics. Also, Tuma, the leader of the Skralls, was deprived of screentime. And his voice wasn't what I was expecting at all. I expected a more authoritarian sounding voice, not some Lord Voldemort crap. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if he sounded like BW Megatron?

Also, the CGI has been greatly improved since the last three movies. The Glatorian's armor and weapons have a great weathered effect. Also some of the standard pieces that are part of Bionicle sets, such as the tiny little pegs, actually appear and are moving pieces.

The best part about the movie is the casting. The two best examples are Mata Nui and Ackar. Ackar in the movie is played by Jim Cummings, who was the voice of Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And Mata Nui is voiced by Michael Dorn. You know, COMMANDER WORF?!?! FROM STAR TREK?!?!?

Overall, this is an excellent movie. I recommend buying it.

Or at least renting it as soon as possible.

And now, for your daily recommended dosage of Skrall.

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