Sunday, April 5, 2009

Geust review! Hulk Vs., by Darth Shadow

Hey! We've already got our first guest review! This is by my friend, Darth Shadow.

Everything after this is by him, not me:


HULK VS. is truely a movie of epic proportions. Well, actually, make that two movies of epic proportions. HULK VS. comes with HULK VS. WOLVERINE, and HULK VS. THOR. In HULK VS. WOLVERINE, Wolverine is sent out to put an end to the Hulk's rampage in Canada. However, both Hulk and Wolverine are captured by Weapons X, so that they could control the Hulk and turn him into the ultimate weapon. HULK VS. WOLVERINE starts off in the middle of the action, but to me, it seemed as if it was more about Logan than Banner. But it's still a good movie, and I'm not saying that just because one of my favorite Marvel characters is in it. I got a few laughs when Hulk sent Sabertooth flying. In HULK VS. THOR, Odin goes into the Odin Sleep (a state when Odin falls asleep for a week), and Asgard is attacked by the forces of evil (stop the fucking presses). However, on the last day of the Odin Sleep, Loki gets the idea to summon the Hulk to Asgard to combat Thor. The first part of the movie has the big green guy controlled by Loki, which in my opinion, wasn't as great as just seeing the Hulk beat the shit out of someone (he did, but he was being controlled by the ancient Norse god of trickery). The next part, though, is when Loki and Enchantress lose control of Hulk. And in order for Loki to control the Hulk, he had to separate the Hulk side from the Bruce Banner side. Which means an unrestrained Hulk is now kicking the ass of anyone in his way, which means that everyone in Asgard, good and evil, must fight against the Hulk and try to reunite the Hulk with the soul of Bruce Banner. Ultimately, these movies are something I would highly recommend to anyone that loves to see an epic Marvel animated movie. Or to anyone that likes seeing two powerful superheroes beat the living shit out of each other.


Freelancer Agent Darth_Shadow, out.



Annndd... I'm back! Pretty good review, of a great movie. Personally, I thought that Deadpool stole the show in Hulk Vs. Wolverine. Also, Hulk Vs. Thor was my favorite bit. I'm just a big Thor fan, and, luckily, Thor: Son of Asgard will be the next Marvel Animated movie!


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