Thursday, April 9, 2009

GI Joe: Resolute boxset review

One of the new things Hasbro has been working on for GI Joe, now that the movie it gaining it more attention, is a new cartoon called "GI Joe: Resolute". It's basically a sort of modernized re-imagining of the 80's GI Joe universe, but less Sci-Fi and Anime-ish than Sigma 6 (Despite having great toys, the Sigma 6 cartoon was astoundignly "meh."). And, it's written by the great comic book scribe, Warren Ellis! To go with the 'toon Hasbro's made some figures, comic packs, and this boxset with Resolute characters.

First is the new Cobra B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper. GI Joe has fun acronyms/backronyms!). The B.A.T. is the same exact figure as the previously released single G3 B.A.T., with the same accessories. So, while you're not exactly getting a new figure, it's a good one, and an army builder. The only difference is, of course, the paint. It's in a new black and red scheme, instead of black and yellow. So it looks rather more menacing now. It's also bloody hard to photograph without the details being hidden. I did it though! The paintwork is very nice on the exposed robot bits. They were molded in black, then heavily drybrushed with silver, giving the stuff a nice, unpolished metal look. The pads on his boots have clear brushstroke marks in them, which kind of makes them look scuffed. It also kind of looks like they might have half-assed that bit. So I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. There is a bit of slop on his right leg from the box thing on its thigh. The sculpting shows that someone was paying attention. The clothes actually look like they're on top of something NOT human, with bits sticking out at strange angles, particularly the butt-plate (Heh). The B.A.T. gets five interchangeable limbs (Two hands, a claw (The claw opens!), a flamethrower, and either a laser or machine gun), a backpack that can hold two limbs, a removable belt, and a silver pistol. I prefer the gun arm and claw.

Next up are the Cobra Trooper and Cobra Officer. They're literally the same figure. The only difference is the mark on the Officer's helmet. I added a bag (From a comic pack Snake Eyes) and knife (From this set's Duke) to the officer the help set them apart. They're direct repaints of the previous Resolute Trooper. Again, in a red and black scheme instead of blue and black. This is a pretty new look for Cobra Troopers and Officers. Though Cobra Comander has often had a black and red look, the Troopers and Officers were always the blueshirts. The paint is nice enough. though some areas need better coverage. The clothes and heads are sculpted well. This is the first G3 Trooper/Officer with sculpted hair! They each get a nice removable vest, a backpack, removable helmets, a high tech looking SMG, and some large shotgun/grenade launcher gun. The trooper gets an SMG, and the officer gets the big gun, and there's one of each left over for my extra weapons pile. They also get this spring loaded missile launcher that I don't really care about. At least it's realistic looking enough for displays.

Thirdly, is my favorite from the set. Cobra Commander! I loves me some Cobra Commander. He's evil comedy gold! Evil, yet over the top. That definitely describes this figure, with his cloaks, fancy helmet, and sword. This guy uses a mish-mash of Cobra Commander parts from all over the G3 line. Again, nice sculpting, particularly on his cloaks. The paint has basically no real errors other than the bad coverage on the exposed collar on his upper cloak bit (In order for his collar to show over the cloak, they put an extra one on the top of the cloak). He's got a removable upper cloak (The bottom one is a separate piece, but not removable), a removable helmet, sword (There's a scabbard on the bottom cloak), and two pistols the look like Lugers to me. The black and red outfit is a classic, if less well known, look for the Comamnder, and I like it here.

Last is Duke, the only guy with new parts! He gets a new torso and upper arms. All this is because he's Jetpack Duke! So he needs a harness and stuff. The rest comes from the previous Resolute Duke. Including the stupid holster with a sculpted, permanently attached gun. He's in off-white, gray, and black this time around. The camo pattern on his shirt is a nice touch. His face also has a sublte scar going down one side. Unfortunatley, one of the eyes on mine is angled inward a bit. It's not really noticeable, unless he's got his helmet on, which make it look like he has one eye. Along with the helmet Duke gets the jetpack (The wings and tailfins are jointed), a machine gun (Originally from the other Resolute Duke), a pistol (A slightly modified pistol from the normal G3 Duke, with the trigger guard removed), the aforementioned knife (Reused from G3 Snake Eyes. This knife has been given to tons of guys), and a new belt with pouches on the back. I've decided to leave the helmet off because of his eye problem. Makes him look more badass anyways.

All the figures have the standard G3 Joe articulation (Plus the B.A.T.'s articulated claw). Unfortunately, Cobra Commander's cloaks restrict his movement somewhat. Everyone also gets a filecard and figure stand, like always.

So there you go. The final verdict is that I like this boxset, but it's not for everyone. It's mostly repaints, with one retool. If you haven't found the original verisons of these figures (Which is why I got it), I'd definitely say go for it. Otherwise, I'd get it if you like the black and red Cobra look, really want Jetpack Duke!, and/or want some nice new army builder figures.

Make sure to watch Adult Swim at midnight on April 25th, when Resolute premieres! Originally, it was going to be a series of webisodes, but Hasbro seems to be pushing things out of the way to gear up for the movie, which is sad. Hopefully, Resolute will be well received, and the movie will get GI Joe enough attention that they decide to continue with Resolute. I could see it becoming like the MArvel Animated movies.

~Raw/Monty CO-BRAAAA!!!

That was disturbing.
(Hassenfeld Bros. was the original name of Hasbro)

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