Thursday, July 30, 2009

Animated Grimlock

Me Grimlock write toy review for me Grimlock's toy! Me Grimlock rule as Dinobot! Me Grimlock have snapping jaws. Soundwave says, "It's not a kung-fu grip, but it'll do." Me Grimlock not know what kung-fu grip is.

Me Grimlock also easily transform to fight stoopid car and truck robots! But not motorcycle robot. Me Grimlock like motorcycle robot. But me Grimlock like spider lady even more.

Me Grimlock wish me Grimlock knew where spider lady and motorcycle robot are.

Me Grimlock also have big flaming sword. Me Grimlock liiiiiiike.....

Me Grimlock done reviewing me Grimlock's toy. Me Grimlock's toy ruuuuuuuuuuuuuules! Me Grimlock say you should buy me Grimlock's toy! Uh what go on over there?

Sorry about that. Anyway, Grimlock is right. The Transformers Animated Voyagers Grimlock is big, has snapping jaws, transforms easily, and has a big flaming sword. See you guys later.

Also, be sure to put Akra Nui on your watchlist as well!

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