Saturday, July 4, 2009

BIONICLE Tarix Review

I actually meant to do this review a while back, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.....

Anyway, here's the review (and Tarix):

Tarix is a Glatorian from the Water Tribe on Bara Magna. In the arena, he's quite the warrior. The only thing that can beat him is a Skrall warrior, because they are made of pure awesomeness.

That's right, Tarix is a dude. Don't make the same mistake that the Pahrak made.

Anyway, his armor is pretty cool looking. Has something of a ceremonial feel when it comes to the shoulder pieces.

His mask, or helmet (hell, I have no idea what these things are now, seeing how they don't have any cool abilities any more) has what appears to be a tube connected to the helmet/mask and his back.

He also has two hydro swords that look cool. But not as cool as the Skrall sword, of course. But still somewhat cool.

And then there's the Thornax launcher. Like the Skrall Thornax launcher, Tarix's launcher is attached to one of his weapons. However, Tarix's launcher is more mobile than the Skrall launcher. And occasionally, accidents do happen...

And finally the Life Counter. This time, it's on his back, unlike the Skrall, who has it on his foot.

HIS PRIMUS-DAMN FOOT. This means it's not in the way.

Wow. Holy crap, what the hell happened there? How in the hell did I mess that photo up?

Anyway, Tarix is an OK set to buy. But to tell the truth, he wasn't my first choice. At first, I wanted to get a Vorox to accompany my Skrall, but it seems as if someone FUCKING OPENED THE SET AND STOLE MOST OF THE PIECES AND THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BUILD THE FUCKER. So then I exchanged him for Malum. This time I checked and it wasn't opened. But pieces were still missing somehow. So I exchanged Malum for Tarix, because it was either him, or Gresh. And Gresh is an asshole.

Oh well, see guys later.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out my new comic, Akra Nui. You can find the link below.


  1. Heya. Just so you know, the Soundwave in your comic is mistransformed, or he's a pirate.

    He's got a sunken chest. ;)

    ~Matt Booker

  2. lol Matt.

    I haven't bought a Bionicle is sooooo long. The last set that I completed was, uh, Toa something. The third set with Toa in the name >.>

  3. Matt- I keep telling him that, but apparently Darth took all the pictures for those comics at the same time, before I told him.

    Esoteric- You should look into the Glatorian sets and, if you can find them, the Mistika and Phantoka. I personally reccomend Ackar from the Glatorian Legends, and the big ass boxed Takanuva from Phantoka. I wrote a review of that Takanuva a while back. I'm going to start re-posting my old reviews soon.

  4. The next comment is going to explain why Animated Soundwave is the way he is in the comics.