Saturday, August 8, 2009

Transformers Aniamted Jet Twins

I usually spell it "Jettwins" so I'm gonna go with that while writing the review.

Jetfire on the left and Jetstorm on the right, they look pretty badass right?
I'm going to say upfront there's a few small details in which the twins are a bit lacking, but it's to be expected considering the fact that they're combiners. My biggest gripe really is how lame their hands are. My other problem is how easily their hip armor pops off...and how hard it is to get it back on...
If you can get past those two things then it's all up-hill to Awesome Land from there.

Minus the flames on his head/arms Jetfire is pretty show accurate. I assume the flames are a nice little detail added in from the comic. They look better in vehicle mode if you ask me. It's not all that easy to see, but Jetfire has this cute, cheeky little smirk on his face.
Legit they do nothing, molded right onto his head.

On another side note my living room carpet is hideous...

Back on topic I might as well mention the flames on his legs, which you pull out when you put him into jet mode...It ups his badassery a few points...

The handsome blue mech to the right is Jetstorm. Other than his head he's basically the same as his twin, other than his little "wind" extensions on his arms and legs...Persoanlly I think his powers should have been ice. Cause fire and ice just sounds better together...
While I love Jetfire's goggles I am SUCH a sucker for visors >.>
Jetstorm, like his brother is smirking, just not as prominently.

Next up is their alt modes; Autobot jets!

This is what happens when a bunch of NERDS get a hold of poor ol' Starscream. Thanks to Percy, 'Jack, and Red these two now transform into jets...We'll just ignore all the size changing, okay? They obviously get it from Perceptor...

As I mentioned earlierabout their leg-thingys flip out become fire and...wind...Obviously Jetfire looks way more badass with this gimmick.

Just a close-up on their alt, chose Jetstorm for this because the camera seems to take to his coloring a bit better. For the record my hands are TINY.

You can now see the nice little detail of the Elite Guard symbol on his hip plates. Naturally Jetfire has this as well.

Another thing I'd like to point out if their "grappling" gimmick. I'm not one for it, but at least they used it in the show, so it's forgivable.

The next topic to cover is the most important of them all; SAFEGUARD MODE.
Yes, they combind! Vertically!
As a warning a lot of people find it hard to get the twins into Safeguard mode for the first time...For the record it was actually one of my partners in crime, Nexas, that put the twins into Safeguard mode for me today.

As far as combinders go I think this too look pretty amazing, very comic/show accurate.

All their arms get folded up onto their back, so the get leg arms and feet hands =D
When the punch you, they're actually kicking you...How awesome is that? I'd LET them punch(kick) me just because of that!
One last thing I want to point out is that their cockpits open...for no reason...It's a nice little detail I suppose...even if it is pointless...

...Also that is so not my lacy bra in the corner...not at all...

Well, that's enough from me for tonight.



  1. As far as combiners go, great concept by not the *best* execution.

  2. Yeah I dig them as jets but not much else.

  3. You did them as jets but not much else? That was a comment I was not expecting... Usually people are all about the other modes and say the jet modes are almost an afterthought.

    As for the Jetwins, I like them much better than I thought I would. They're fun, and well designed. I can even get around the simplistic jet modes if I think about them being a rare autobot attempt at a flying alt mode.

    So how do you have the backpack arranged for Safegaurd? (That might be a pointless question since you had someone else transform them...) Mine's somewhere between an H and an X.

    Though, Monty should start inserting comments from the editor on all staff reviews. I was a little sad to read about the combined jet mode and see nary a mention of two jets humping.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. In regards to the kibble arrangement I think Nexas just does it like that to keep it all out of the way and mostly hidden.