Friday, August 7, 2009

Marvel Legends Nemesis Wave

So, this Wal-Mart exclusive wave of Marvel Legends figures has proved to be VERY exclusive. Then, they finally started showing up, but like most Wal-Mart exclusives, they'll still be stupid hard to find.

Buuuut, last night, after seeing the minight showing of GI Joe: Revenge of Cobra (FREAKING AWESOME.), I had some money, so I went on a late night run to Wal-Mart.

Guess what I found. :)

I got Nova, Punisher (Green variant. I'll explain why I chose him later), and Daredevil (Red variant).

Then, today, I was at Wal-Mart again, and saw a friend, who was getting Black Bolt, Nova, and Beast, but didn't want the BAF pieces, so he gave them to me, and I got Tigra.

Now then, I made this post for two reasons. First off, to let you guys know that these ARE showing up everywhere, so you should go look for them. Secondly to ask, which of the figures you guys want me to review. I was already thinking of doing one for Nova, but I'm open to requests.

Also, I got the green camo version of the Punisher because he's based off one of my favorite levels of the 05 Punisher game (You team up with Nick Fury in that level, and I just got the ML two pack with Nick Fury).


  1. The new build-a-figures suck so hard. I've got two Sentinels fighting my X-Men and they will always shame almost all of the others.

  2. Actually, Nemesis is pretty awesome. He's not as tall as the old BAF's (7 1/2 inches), but he's really wide (Almost 6 inches). Not like the Red Hulk BAF that should have been a normal figure.

    Plus, they have to reduce the size somewhat. Otherwise they'd have to raise the price and people would bitch about that.

  3. How about a review of the BAF?

    Personally, I'd like to see a BAF box where you can just buy a set of all the pieces to the Sentinel or Galactus.

    It's been a few years, so hopefully it wouldn't piss off the people that bought figures just to get them.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Actually, Hasbro is making a taller Galactus figure with lights and sounds as part of the Marvel Universe line.

  5. BWA????


    That looks pretty good.

    ~Matt Booker