Friday, August 14, 2009

Marvel Legends "Nemesis" Punisher

Hey, you can actually finally find these figures! Over a year after they were first shown at SDCC 2008.

As you can see, there's two variant figures of this here Punisher. There's the basic, black skull t-shirt and black pants modern version, and the green jungle camo version. The camo one is more or less based off a level in the 2005 Punisher game (A very underrated game)
in which the Punisher attacks an island of Russian mercs. I'm not entirely sure which figure is the main one, and which is the variant. Originally it was thought that the green one was th evariant, but when the figures FINALLY showed up, there seemed to be more green, whereas here, there were just as many black as green. In any event, assuming you can find them, you should be able to get whichever you want, or, if you're like me, both.

Both variants use the body from the two pack Ultimate Nick Fury, with new arms and a new head. That Nick Fury figure was too tall, which makes it seem as though the body was meant for the Punisher, who is a big guy. He's got a ribbed t-shirt and baggy combat pants tucked into the tops of his big boots. The wrinkles on the shirt and pants are sculpted nicely, though his knee joints do break up the sculpt a bit. However, I'd rather have great articulation than perfect sculpting. The paint is handled well with few problems. The skull on the black version doesn't line up over his chest joint perfectly. As you can see, they have different skulls. I'm not sure where the black one's skull is from, but the green one is the basic comic skull, with a few small bits from the 2004 movie skull. On both the shirt is a slightly different color from the pants, making them look like different material. The camo on the green Punisher's pants looks like camo pattern, not just random colors thrown on a green background. His head is molded in skin colored plastic, but painted green with the the skull, which is a bit surprising. You'd think it would be molded green. The dark patches around his eyes make him look suitably menacing.

Articulation, though not the best from Marvel Legends, is plentiful. He's got a balljointed head, torso, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles, swivel wrists and thighs, and double hinge knees. The wrists are disappointing, and double hinged elbows would be useful, but, overall, I'm pleased.

Each Punisher comes with a pistol, that fits in a holster on his right thigh (The pistol is also re-used from Ultimate Nick Fury), and an M-60 machine gun. More guns would be nice, of course, but the ones he comes with are well done (Though, the M-60 is a belt fed gun, and he doesn't have an ammo belt). Both hands have the trigger fingers extended, so he can dual wield, with either one of each, both M-60s, or both pistols. Some people have reported having trouble getting him to hold the M-60 with both hands, but he can hold it using either the handle on top, or like a normal rifle.
Overall, this is a good figure, but we already got a classic Punisher back in the ToyBiz ML series 4, and a movie version (Which is just like the modern comic version) in series 6. This is really a figure that I'd recomend for either big Punisher fans (Like myself), or if you want to complete the Nemesis/Holocaust BAF.

Finally, also in this series is a great Daredevil figure, which inspired me to take a picture mimicking this old Frank Miller era Daredevil cover. I then got some help from Matt Booker, who did an absolutely FANTASTIC bit of Photoshopping to create this:


  1. Awesome picture. Don't like the toy very much; the first attempt at a Punisher in the Marvel Legends line beats it. Not that it matters; they haven't blessed Australia with this newest wave's presence yet.

  2. Well, the first one, which I have, is a classic version, while this is a more modern/Punisher MAX representation.For a Punisher fan like me, that's more than enough reason to get him, but he's not right for everyone.

  3. Very nice review. :D

    I'm glad the picture turned out nicely. Though it's not meant for viewing at the larger size. All the rough edges are blurred and smoothed as part of the resizing process.

    ~Matt Booker