Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mata Nui: The Legend Reborn!

The legend himself has been reborn.......MATA NUI IS HERE!!!

Mata Nui, in case you don't know much about BIONICLE, is essentially the god of his universe [Actually, he IS the universe. -editor]. But when Makuta Terridax banished him from his own universe [his body. -ed.] and gained control, Mata Nui was exiled to the barren desert world where the Glatorian live [Geez, you'd think Darth could name the world. It's Bara Magna. -ed.].

As you can see, Mata Nui has the Mask of Life [Kanohi Ignijka. -ed.], which was a big fucking deal for the past three seasons now. However, it has been designed to fit on the Glatorian heads.

He also happens to have the Life Counter for the Glatorian game.

In the BIONICLE canon, Mata Nui's shield came from his friend Clixx, a Scarabax beetle that touched his mask. You can also split the shield into two swords, which is kinda cool.

He also has a Thornax launcher. Unlike the previous Glatorian sets I've reviewed, Mata Nui holds it in his hand, which makes aiming it a bit easier.
That's pretty much it. He's a good buy, but there's also a larger version of him. Which I hope to get one day. [But it's a $50 TRU exlcusive... -ed.]


  1. I picked up this set a few weeks ago and it is really kick ass. I rarely buy bionicles but this one was difficult to pass up. Good color scheme and a unique look (Okay, a unique look compared to the other two that I have. I know they reuse parts more often than He-Man toys.) make for a very nice figure.

    The scarab sheild isn't exactly a sheild, but it looks cool enough as a weapon. The mask is very cool, and he's very articulated.

    When I bought two of the second series of toa a few years ago, the packages hinted at articulation like elbows and knees. This bionicle is how those should've been done.

    (Yeah, I know, they've had elbows and knees on the major releases for the past few years, but still.)

    ~Matt Booker

  2. There are very few sets that compare to the badassery that is Mata Nui. My favorite set, the Skrall, happens to be one of those sets.

  3. I plan on getting the big one. This one's nice, but he's basically Ackar with a new mask and new colors.